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Reverse Engineering of an API: Business Benefits, Use Cases, and Best Practices



June 13th, 2024



Multiagent Corporate Security Monitoring System

Project team worked on the development of the corporate network monitoring product on the basis of a remote computer investigation solution, developed previously. Many processes were optimized, security improved, centralization features introduced.

Client: (NDA protected name)

Country: USA

The Client worked with Apriorit on development of the product for remote computer investigation as for corporate security norm compliance (email databases and chat logs parsing, tracking files with sensitive information, monitoring for illegal content, etc.) for 2 years.

The developed product had a significant market success and so the client decided to extend this product line with a product of the same basic functionality but with the client-server architecture performing monitoring of the corporate network in real time.

Development team proposed the new flexible smart architecture where all existing features were integrated and adapted. Project also offered the new functional tasks and some original new features, first of all concerning file monitoring and management, were implemented.


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