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HR Management SaaS Platform Development: Transforming our Client’s Vision into a Finished Product


Our client is a US-based company delivering a software as a service (SaaS) platform for HR administrative task management. We had previously developed a Microsoft Azure-based SaaS human resource management platform for this client, and they returned when they wanted to enhance the platform with additional reporting functionality, new features, and support for different subscription types.

To assist our client with this challenging task, Apriorit set up a dedicated web development team of specialists with all the required skills. This team quickly prepared a detailed proposal and successfully implemented the project within the estimated time and budget.

The client: PDR Group

figure map client

Payday Resources (PDR) Group is a US-based company with headquarters in Lehi, Utah. PDR provides a wide range of administrative services for effective management of employees. In particular, PDR Group delivers online services for handling:

  • Human resources
  • Payrolls
  • Benefits
  • Taxes

Originally designed for professional consultants, the solution built by Apriorit allowed the company to combine and streamline all HR management, reporting, and related activities. However, some of these tasks, particularly payroll management, were accomplished with the help of third-party solutions, and PDR Group wanted to change that.

The challenge

Our client decided to improve their current SaaS platform for human resources management and introduce a new set of social security forms. The new component was supposed to include:

  • Custom reporting functionality
  • Support for new subscription types
  • Numerous performance improvements

The company’s main goal was to move away from using a third-party payroll management service and implement the needed functionality within their existing HR management platform. 

PDR Group was determined to build the new payroll feature using AngularJS. Therefore, they started looking for an experienced and trustworthy team of developers with strong expertise in creating ASP.NET solutions. Our strong skills in AngularJS and ASP.NET development made us the perfect fit.

As PDR’s platform was cloud-based, other required competencies included knowledge of ASP.NET MVC tools, MS SQL, and Microsoft Azure.

figure 1

PDR Group outsourced the development of their SaaS HR management platform to Apriorit after receiving a positive reference from one of our existing clients. Later, the company entrusted us to continue improving their product. 

Our solution

Following the requirements presented by the client, the Apriorit web development team created the desired component and successfully integrated it into the existing platform. This component allows users to handle different payroll-related issues, from calculating payrolls to generating reports. It covers all important stages of the employee lifecycle and can be integrated with third-party services, thus enabling support for additional HR-related products such as accounting software.

The result

Apriorit SaaS development professionals successfully added a completely new component to our client’s existing human resources management SaaS platform. This component was built in accordance with the client’s vision and completely satisfied all technical requirements.

How we did it

PDR Group delegated the task of SaaS HR management platform development to Apriorit. Our team had to achieve the following goals:

  • Add support for different levels of access for different user groups
  • Implement several new features for payroll management and reporting
  • Introduce several types of reports and filtering options
  • Improve overall system performance

Once the initial scope of work was concluded, Apriorit provided PDR Group with a dedicated development team possessing the required set of skills and level of expertise. The team included professional SaaS developers, a quality assurance specialist, a business analyst, and a part-time project manager.

First, our business analyst (BA) discussed different development strategies with the client and clarified all business requirements of the product. Then, our BA translated these requirements into clear technical specifications.

After such analysis, our development team started to work on the requested features and the platform itself, thus eliminating the risk of not meeting our client’s needs due to misunderstandings or communication barriers.

In particular, our team focused on:

  • preparing employee data needed for payroll reports
  • importing old data from a third-party payroll solution
  • generating payroll reports in different formats

The upgraded system was supposed to include a number of human resource management software features that would improve the overall user experience and make the platform comply with industry standards and regulations. Our focus was on the reporting functionality that wasn’t present in the original version of PDR Group’s SaaS application. Once enhanced with our new component, the platform could generate and work with standard types of reports requested by the client. These reports were mostly focused on payments for taxes, employee benefits, insurance, etc.

After implementing the new reporting functionality, Apriorit specialists also upgraded access rights for existing user groups. In this way, we ensured both the proper functioning of the platform and data security.

Finally, Apriorit developers needed to make sure that all of the data as well as existing clients were safely moved from the old payroll database (the one stored in a third-party solution) to the new client database. We transferred all critical data to the new database without any issues.

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The impact

Outsourcing SaaS platform development allowed PDR Group to save costs and development time in the long run. Thanks to the new features and improved performance of the SaaS HR management system, our client saw a 20% increase in new business. They were also able to stop using expensive third-party solutions, as their own platform now had all the needed functionality.

Our Apriorit dedicated development team was able to deliver a complete product on time and within budget, leaving the client satisfied with our work. The project has now transitioned from the development to the support phase, and our dedicated team continues to maintain the system. 

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