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Whether you need several top-notch experts to enhance your in-house team or want a dedicated web app development team to delegate a challenging project to, Apriorit is the perfect choice for your business. From secure back ends to appealing interfaces, we can help you build and test flexible and resilient web platforms of any complexity.

With a commitment to quality and a security-first approach to building web applications, we can help you deliver a web solution that:

  • Is built with security in mind, from architectural planning through testing
  • Wins customers over with great performance and a modern, intuitive UI
  • Uses reliable and cost-efficient technologies and is easy to maintain

Robust web development services for your business

For decades, Apriorit has helped small businesses and large enterprises build competitive niche-oriented solutions with ultimate quality, security, and performance. Here’s what we can assist your business with when it comes to web development services:

Custom web apps

Get a secure and well-performing solution of any complexity, tailored to your unique business needs.

Web app back end

Power up your web product with a strong and resilient back end.

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Web app front end

Boost the customer experience with appealing designs and convenient interfaces across all platforms.

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Progressive web apps

Reach a wide audience by adapting to different platforms and devices.

API integrations

Enrich your web platform with extra capabilities by seamlessly integrating third-party APIs.

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Cloud infrastructures

Maximize your cloud potential with a well-organized and transparently managed IT environment

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By delegating the development of your web and SaaS products to Apriorit, you can also:


your in-house team with the necessary expertise and rare talents


clean, secure, and easily manageable code due to Apriorit’s strong coding standards


your business benefits with several development scenarios to choose from


your project budget by strategically forming your dedicated team and technology stack

Types of solutions we can help you build

From minimum viable products and proofs of concept to complex web platforms, Apriorit’s seasoned professionals can help you build:

Custom SaaS platforms

CRM platforms

HR platforms

Payroll platforms

Video delivery solutions

Cybersecurity platforms

Don’t see the type of solution you’re interested in? Get in touch with our experts to discuss how we can assist you with your custom web app development projects.

Top-level protection for your web solutions

Following time-proven cybersecurity best practices and recognized industry guidelines, like OWASP Top 10, Apriorit web development experts hand-pick the most fitting cybersecurity measures to ensure top-level protection of your software.

Advanced cybersecurity measures for web app protection

Secure authentication systems

Password hashing

Database data obfuscation

SQL injection prevention

SSL encryption

XSS attack prevention

Third-party library audits

Penetration testing

Diverse web app development technology stack

Delivering custom web app development services of varying complexity, the Apriorit team has acquired unique expertise in relevant technologies.


Frameworks and libraries

Microservices tools

Cloud services


  • Node.js
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Golang

Why work with us?

Apriorit clients value our strong focus on data security, dedication to quality, and creative approach to non-trivial tasks.

Focus on your business goals

Mature delivery process

Transparent workflow and communication

Compliance with budget and time estimates

Our clients’ success stories

What our clients say about us


How can I ensure the security of my web application?

There are several practices you can follow to ensure strong <a href=/dev-blog/711-web-applications-security>web application security</a>:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Choose a trusted outsourcing partner with profound cybersecurity expertise.</li>
<li>Deploy robust user authentication mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to your application’s critical data.</li>
<li>Сheck and regularly audit all security configurations to timely detect and prevent possible issues.</li>
<li>Use strong data encryption methods to secure the most valuable data.</li>
<li>Implement the <a href=/qa-blog/qa-shift-left-testing>shift-left testing approach</a>, deploying necessary security and quality assurance measures as early as possible in your software development lifecycle.</li>
<li>Regularly conduct penetration testing to identify and address potential threats.</li>

What tools and techniques should I use to build a secure web application?

A well-rounded web app development team includes:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Properly configure access policies and provide access with SSH keys.</li>
<li>Use HTTPS and secure HTTP headers without sensitive information.</li>
<li>Use cookie attributes and prefixes to protect HTTP cookies.</li>
<li>Protect against common attacks, including cross-site request forgery attacks and cross-site scripting attacks.</li>
<li>Enable automatic security updates.</li>
Apriorit web developers can assist your development team with choosing and implementing cybersecurity measures most suitable for your web application.

What does a typical web app development team look like?

A well-rounded web app development team includes:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li><b>Software architects</b> — Design the product’s overall system architecture</li>
<li><b>Frontend and backend developers</b> — Create the app’s user interface and server-side functionality</li>
<li><b>Quality assurance engineers</b> — Ensure high performance and bug-free code for your web platform</li>
<li><b>DevOps engineers</b> — Oversee the project’s deployment and operational aspects</li>
<li><b>UI/UX designers</b> — Craft an intuitive and visually appealing user experience</li>
<li><b>Project managers and business analysts</b> — Coordinate tasks and align development with business goals</li>

How can I choose a professional web app development vendor?

<p>When looking for a vendor to delegate the development of your web application or SaaS platform to, make sure to first check their portfolio to see if they have relevant expertise. In particular, verify their use of key technologies like Angular.js, React, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Python, Golang, and Node.js, as those are vital for web development projects.</p>

<p>Evaluating client feedback will help you get firsthand insights into the process of working with a particular company and reveal possible pros and cons.</p>

You can see what our clients say about working with Apriorit by looking at <a href=https://clutch.co/profile/apriorit>our Clutch profile</a>.

What impacts the cost of a web application development project?

The cost of web application development heavily depends on several factors:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>The overall complexity of your solution</li>
<li>The diversity of your technology stack</li>
<li>Non-functional criteria like scalability and security requirements</li>
For a detailed cost breakdown of your custom web development solutions, consult with our expert and receive a custom quote.

How much does it cost to create a custom web application?

Since the cost of custom web application development services depends on multiple factors, it needs to be calculated based on your project’s specifics. Contact our experts for a personalized estimate. Once we have thoroughly assessed your unique requirements, our team will provide you with an accurate and tailored cost projection.

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