Mac software development can be quite challenging, as it is a closed platform with a lot of specific mechanisms and components. Apriorit team has significant experience in creating solutions for the Mac platform, having implemented a number of tasks from GUI design to driver development.

Our dedicated teams are comprised of developers and researchers with diverse skills, complimented by business analysts and qualified quality assurance specialists.

Apriorit Mac App Development: Project Highlights

Providing Mac OS X and macOS development services for years, our firm has significant experience with both high level and low level programming for Mac platform. Take a look at the technologies and assignments we have completed:

  • Mac OS X / macOS application GUI implementation
  • All-level system monitoring systems
  • Mac OS X / macOS driver development: filesystem filter driver, process monitoring driver
  • Mac OS X / macOS device and virtual device driver development: virtual display, I/O Kit device driver
  • Syscall injection
  • Runtime code patching
  • Research: handle OS X rootless feature (OS X 10.11), rootkit technologies for cybersecurity monitoring projects (process / kernel _modules hiding, hiding files / directories, network activity hiding).

Working not only with Mac but also with other platforms, Apriorit specialists develop both native and cross-platform interfaces and libraries.

An important part of our projects is research activities. Apriorit R&D specialists perform OS X internal research for undocumented features to develop Mac apps with better platform compatibility and broader functionality.

Mac OS X Development Tools

Apriorit specialists use such macOS programming tools and languages:

  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Cocoa and Cocoa Touch
  • Xcode

Our modern testing lab has all required devices and software to enable professional Mac software testing and QA services.

If you need professional custom macOS app development, consider contracting Apriorit dedicated team! Tell us more about your project using our Request for Proposal form.

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