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Apriorit has implemented a comprehensive technology set to monitor network activity at all levels and manage some aspects of network communication.

Our technologies are used in security monitoring and data protection solutions, data management, and system and infrastructure health monitoring products.

Based on drivers and advanced system process integration, Apriorit network monitoring and management technologies can be customized and integrated into your solution by our professionals or delivered as a customized SDK.


Monitor Network Activity in Every Detail

This driver-based technology monitors network applications that use TCP protocol.

Unlike many other network sniffers, the Apriorit solution provides full information about the process (name, user name, etc.) for all network activity events: connect, disconnect, send, and receive.

Additional features include:

  • Monitoring and processing of AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo packages
  • HTTP packages processing
  • Providing summary statistics for a process and a user.


User Login / Logout Monitoring and Management

This technology compliments Apriorit network monitoring set providing detailed information of all network login / logout events of any type including monitoring of interactive logins.

Additional technology features:

  • Impersonation support
  • Domain compatibility.

One more tool for network management pack is standard Winlogon dialog replacement allowing to replace standard Windows logon dialog with a custom flash object.  

In our project experience, we used this approach when developing a solution for the street machines (such as information boxes, banking, payments, etc.). It can be also applied in the networks, where the custom control and advanced authorization tools is required.


Virtual IP

The Virtual IP technology is a cost-effective way to extend Windows Remote Desktop services to support applications requiring IP address isolation and virtualization.

This solution enhances Windows Terminal Services allowing sessions on one Windows Terminal Server to be bound to distinct IP addresses selected from a predefined range. Virtual IP supports client IP address pass-through and virtual loopback.

Technology features:

  • Per-session unique IP address
  • Per-session unique loopback address
  • Multiple virtual IP address allocation policies.


All network monitoring and management technologies by Apriorit can be customized according to your specific requirements, integrated into your solution by our specialists, or delivered as an SDK.


Why work with Apriorit

Apriorit is an engineering service provider specializing in security and virtualization projects with more than 15 years of experience.

When you engage an Apriorit team, you get:

  • Focus on business priorities and shared project vision
  • Professional project and account management
  • Comprehensive pool of managed engineering resources with specialized skill sets
  • All legal agreements signed according to the industry practice


Learn more about Apriorit competences or contact us right now to get more details on our network monitoring and management technology set.

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