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Functional front end with a flawless design

The front end is your foundation for a well-structured, scalable, and responsive application. Increase the chances for your project’s success by making your app’s interface not only beautiful but also lightweight and efficient.

Implementing a brilliant front end is not an easy task. But at Apriorit, we know how to thoroughly plan work and what challenges to expect. With vast expertise, we can help you wisely choose the right toolset, pick the most fitting architecture, and maintain your product’s top performance while extending its functionality

Leverage our 20+ years of experience and receive top-notch frontend development services for desktop, web, and mobile applications. Let Apriorit’s tech experts build you an efficient product while ensuring its future scalability.

frontend development

By entrusting your frontend project development to Apriorit, you receive access to deep technical expertise. Get all the necessary opportunities to deliver a user-friendly solution tailored to your business needs.


Frontend development services we offer

Make your project come to light with an experienced frontend development team including software engineers, UI/UX designers, and QA specialists. Focus on growing your business, and we’ll take care of ensuring a flawless user experience.

architecture design

Frontend architecture design

Entrust your architecture design to Apriorit professionals. Get thoughtfully structured single-page applications, progressive web apps, and other types of custom solutions. You can also delegate legacy frontend optimization to us: implement a new design and improve webpage performance.


UI/UX design services

Enrich user engagement with intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. Get beautiful designs, accessible content, and reliable work of all frontend elements. Entrust Apriorit experts with the creation of an adaptive layout to make your solution consistent across multiple devices.

web development

Web app development

Turn your business ideas into functional and user-friendly web applications. Our experts develop products of any complexity, including custom CRM solutions, conferencing platforms, and cybersecurity applications. We create products from scratch and improve existing software.


API integration

Enrich your app by integrating it with social media, maps, payment processing services, and more. To extend your solution’s capabilities, we’ll help you integrate suitable third-party APIs and libraries and establish a solid connection between the back end and front end.

mobile applications

Front end for mobile applications

Expand your product’s reach to smartphones, tablets, and other device types. We’ll gladly assist you with creating functional front ends for mobile apps. Apriorit experts will also help you overcome all possible challenges including fixing location detection issues in native iOS and Android apps.

web dashboards

Web dashboards

Win user attention with dynamic web dashboards that can quickly and easily visualize and manage tons of information. Apriorit specialists have deep expertise in creating interactive dashboards from scratch for complex products, including cybersecurity, data analysis, and web scraping solutions.


Testing and quality assurance

Deliver a reliable and bug-free product. Our QA engineers ensure top project quality during the entire development lifecycle to detect and mitigate issues early on. We also automate the testing process to timely detect and fix all bugs and finish the project on time.

app migration

App and data migration

Forget about the hardships of migrating app data. Delegate multi-language development and application migration from one language to another to Apriorit. Our professionals know how to make your solution and data migration smooth and bug-free.


Support and maintenance

Enjoy the smooth work of your product long after its release. We can help you keep your app’s performance at the required level. If needed, we can also increase an existing application’s performance by improving code quality and upgrading the technology stack.

Make your product pixel-perfect

Turning beautiful designs into efficient and resilient applications is our top priority. But that’s only part of what you can get from delegating work to Apriorit. Enhance your project by taking full advantage of what our frontend development company offers:

browser compatibility

Browser and screen compatibility

Let your users interact with your product from different browsers and devices. We’ll make your designs look good on every screen by embracing pixel-perfect designs, responsive frameworks, and cutting-edge technologies.

UI/UX design

Realistic and flawless UI/UX design

Be sure your UI/UX design provides a seamless user flow. At Apriorit, we create fantastic mockups and convert them into real products across different devices and platforms, mitigating issues such as unrealistic or flawed designs.


Security and data protection

Ensure end-to-end security and a security-first approach for your product and all data it stores and handles. Let your project benefit from Apriorit’s strong cybersecurity expertise and our dedication to data protection.

app performance

Great application performance

Don’t worry about any complexities when moving business logic from the back end or ensuring rich data visualization. Knowing how to handle tricky tasks, Apriorit will take care of making your application both functional and high-performance.

look at the project

Fresh look at your project

Benefit from our specialists’ idea generation and implementation capabilities. We’re always ready to assist you with completing a requirements list, set of features, or toolset, explaining the reasons behind every technical decision.

industry tailored approach

Industry-tailored approach

Find all required skills in one place and start developing your desired product right away. Use Apriorit’s combination of experience and deep expertise in building frontend projects for different purposes, no matter the industry your product is for.

Elevate your digital presence with Apriorit — an expert frontend development agency.

We blend top technologies with intuitive design to keep your users happy.

Main tools and technologies

The right technology stack is a key pillar of your solution’s success. Apriorit specialists choose the most fitting tools for your project to deliver efficient frontend web development services.

Below, we list only a few of the most commonly used frontend development technologies.


Frameworks and Libraries

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • HML5
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • LESS

Recent frontend projects we’ve successfully delivered

  • Cloud security control dashboard
  • Web platform for audio, video, and chat conferences
  • Scooter rental app with location and navigation features
  • App for locating and building routes to pharmacies
  • Solution for creating and organizing private events
  • Dynamic reporting system for displaying data in charts
  • Desktop application for managing user secrets
  • Customer loyalty and employee retention platform
  • Web extension for browsers, controlled by a bot
  • App for renting powerbanks with a rich feature set
  • Custom CRM solution for alarm dealers
  • Marketplace for traveling and adventure booking

Leverage the full spectrum of Apriorit’s expertise, from shaping your concept to deploying your application.
Reach out to discuss your business needs and discover how to create a functional front end for your solution.

Why choose Apriorit?

speed and quality

Development speed and quality

skill set

Wide skill set for complex projects

development and testing

Mature development and testing process

transparent workflow

Transparent workflow

focus on cybersecurity

Strong focus on cybersecurity

access to a broad talent pool

Access to a broad talent pool

Our clients’ success stories

What our clients say about us


What technologies and frameworks should I choose for frontend development?

The key to a successful and competitive front end is choosing the tech stack and toolset based on the project’s unique requirements. At Apriorit, we analyze how each technology’s pros and cons will affect a client’s particular application. Most frequently, we use React, Vue,js, Angular, Flutter, and React Native. But we can also work with other frontend development frameworks and technologies.

Can you integrate third-party APIs and services into my website’s front end?

Yes, Apriorit experts can do this. As a frontend web development company with more than two decades of experience, we know how essential it is to ensure robust and secure integration of third-party services. Apriorit engineers have vast experience integrating different APIs for different purposes, including custom REST APIs, payment gateways, location services, social media APIs, and Google APIs. In this way, we help our clients enhance their products’ functionality and provide a smooth user experience.

How do you ensure that my front end is secure?

<p>At Apriorit, we keep a strong focus on cybersecurity when working on each and every project. The set of practices to protect your application and data depends on your project’s specifics.</p>
The most common ways we ensure frontend security are:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Cross-site scripting (XSS) protection</li>
<li>Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection</li>
<li>CSS injection protection</li>
<li>Eliminating issues with authentication, cookies, and forms</li>
<li>Establishing HTTPS connections</li>
<li>Ensuring content security</li>
<li>Regular security audits and testing</li>
<li>And more</li>

What is included in Apriorit’s frontend development services?

Tasks clients commonly entrust us with include:

<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Creating the application interface and logic</li>
<li>Establishing a top-quality user experience by designing elements like buttons, links, images, and animations</li>
<li>Transforming backend code into a graphical user interface</li>
<li>Implementing layouts according to the client’s requirements and design preferences</li>
<li>Making the app look and function equally well across different devices and browsers</li>
<li>Integrating third-party APIs</li>
<li>Eliminating frontend-specific vulnerabilities</li>
<li>Ensuring robust application cybersecurity</li>

The list of frontend web development services we provide goes on and on, allowing us to meet any requirements, business goals, and project specifics.

Which frontend architecture should I choose for my project: micro or monolithic?

The architecture choice for frontend projects depends on your requirements and available resources:

<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>A monolithic frontend architecture is a good fit for small projects with a simple UI.</li>
<li>A micro frontend architecture provides the flexibility and scalability required by large and complex projects.</li>

Apriorit has significant experience building micro and monolithic front ends. Our engineers will gladly help you choose the most suitable architecture, explain all the nuances, and develop a reliable and competitive application.

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