Over the past 14 years, Apriorit worked with hundreds of clients from US, UK, Germany, South Korea, Israel, and other countries, from small startups to Fortune 500 industry leaders.

We aim to retain our clients and are very proud that most of them choose to keep using our services. Many clients consider us an extension of their in-house team, rather than an external vendor. Some of them transferred all their development efforts to Apriorit.

What makes our clients stay with us

  • Wide knowledge and unique expertise that is hard to find elsewhere
  • Hardworking specialists that deliver high-quality code and respect release schedules
  • Focus on constant communication and collaboration with our clients
  • Adaptability and client-centric approach and low turnover rates
  • European developers speaking fluent English

What our clients say about us

Rather than tooting our own horn, we believe that it is best to let our clients themselves speak about their experience. Most our clients are using non-disclosure agreements to protect themselves for competitive reasons (example). We strictly adhere to all security, confidentiality and IP guarantees, which sadly means that we have to redact company names from this page.


“Some projects require very specific knowledge. This expertise can be difficult to find and may not be required on a fulltime basis. For instance, our collaboration with Apriorit, with their expertise in low-level system programming, is invaluable to us today. Projects requiring this kind of expertise are always redirected to this company.”

Pascal Vitoux, Senior VP of ASG (Extract from the report “High-Tech Ukraine. Software Development & IT Services: The Rise of a Tech Nation”, 2015)


"What is distinct about Apriorit's practice is the level of very highly skilled developers, not only in terms of app or database builders, but across numerous technologies. Apriorit is very good at creating low-level protocols for security, being able to work at OS level. I appreciated Apriorit's depth of knowledge and skill. "

Project Lead of a Fortune 500 technology manufacturer (Extract from the independent review on Clutch.com)


“Ultimately our decision for a continued relationship with this company was based on several key factors:

  • strong business leadership that is customer centric
  • intelligent and diligent professionals within each specialty (PM, BA, Dev, QA)
  • overall desire to produce quality outcomes
  • acceptable time zone shift to enable daily, direct communication with the Apriorit team
  • excellent internet connection for the aforementioned communications

We do not consider the Apriorit team as an outside vendor but an extension of our development team.”

Matt Gabrielson, president of a Utah-based publisher of business management solutions (Extract from the report “High-Tech Ukraine. Software Development & IT Services: The Rise of a Tech Nation”, 2015)


“We develop products at the highest possible level of innovation because our customers demand the highest standards of performance and flexibility. When it comes to the performance requirements of the latest video formats, it is nearly impossible to find developers who are good at this high a level of writing code. Apriorit has a team of amazingly skilled experts – which is a very, very rare species!”

A video data storage solution provider (Extract from the report “High-Tech Ukraine. Software Development & IT Services: The Rise of a Tech Nation”, 2015)


"From end to end, Apriorit takes projects on and doesn't allow for gaps or miscommunications. From our business analyst to the quality assurance tester, Apriorit makes sure that the cycle is consistent and well laid out. "

Vice President of Development of a US SaaS solution provider (Extract from the independent review on Clutch.com)


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