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We at Apriorit have extensive experience of providing custom AngularJS development solutions for our clients. Over the years we worked on many ASP.NET MVC and web-based applications, including ERP and CRM solutions, providing custom AngularJS development to create front-end parts of many of these projects.

When and why we use AngularJS

AngularJS is a very popular open source JavaScript framework maintained by Google. The goal of this framework is to broaden the capabilities of HTML and make it easy to create declarative front-end applications. Unique features of AngularJS is its separation of view and logic, allowing for independent changes to either of the two, built-in support for testing, and its open nature, prompting a strong online community of developers around the world to extend it with many custom high quality libraries and modules.

AngularJS is very flexible. Ease of development allows it to be widely used for prototyping and small applications, while its performance and rich feature set allow for development of full-fledged commercial client-side applications. Thanks to that, AngularJS became the go-to framework for MVC-based front-end development.

AngularJS front-end development with Apriorit

While we cannot reveal names of our clients due to NDA agreements, the two most recent examples of AngularJS development services we provided include:

  • Customer loyalty and employee retention platform. Apriorit was tasked with support and new feature development. Back-end for this project was created with NodeJS, while front-end was developed with AngularJS.
  • Human resource management solution. Solution was fully developed by Apriorit. Back-end was created using ASP.NET MVC while front-end was developed with AngularJS

See some customer reviews of our work.

Benefits of hiring Apriorit

Unique knowledge and experience – our managed dedicated development teams consist of professional programmers, quality assurance specialists, business analysts and project managers. Our engineers have unique expertise in security, network solutions and cloud computing, making it easy for us to create secure, scalable and very well optimized web applications.  We have many years of experience creating SaaS platforms for both startups and large enterprises, for many of which we provided AngularJS development services.

Client-facing approach with emphasis on communication – We know our clients’ business values and consider proper communication to be always one of the keys to success. Apriorit is a European company with the staff with fluent English knowledge. All our project management, engineering, and reporting  processes are built with effective communication in mind.

Low turnover rates – we care for our employees and in turn they tend to stay with us, continuing to work on the project as necessary and using their accumulated knowledge and experience to deliver results that our clients grew to expect.

Managed services that you can trust – Apriorit respect deadlines and always tries to provide deliveries within the allocated time and budged constrains. We have high corporate standards and take pride in the quality of code we deliver. With our AngularJS developers for hire you can be sure that your vision for an AngularJS project will turn into reality.

If you need to hire AngularJS developers for your .NET MVC solution, outsourcing your project to Apriorit is a sure way to get the necessary results. 

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