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Virtual File System (Virtual Files / Folders, Virtual Disks)

File system virtualization is widely used in a number of Apriorit projects. This technology and its parts contribute to security, DLP, data management and system management solutions.

Virtual files and virtual folders allow to change the representation of file system and seamlessly redirect all file operations during interaction between system and user and system and applications.

Virtual disk is a popular technology supposing creation of a new logical disk in the system with optional specific parameters.

Apriorit technologies can be customized for the needs of your project, integrated into your solution, or delivered as an SDK according to your requirements. Besides various virtual file system Windows implementations, our team can deliver various parts of Linux virtual file system.


Virtual file system technology details

The technology supposes creation of a virtual copy of file(s) or folder(s) and representing it to the users, system, and applications. The original file objects usually reside in other locations (can be various data sources). When a virtual copy is accessed, all operations are redirected to the original object, while some additional operations or validations can be performed with these data.

Some of interesting applications are building a custom (and permission-based) representation of corporate file system for each user, in-flight patching with a virtual file, data encryption and synchronization, changing system behavior, easy system rollback, etc.

Virtual file system implementation may vary, with data being obtained from different sources. There is a possibility both to use existent data sources (FTP, SFTP, HTTP, WebDAV, FTPS) and to create an own server for functionality extension and performance improvement.

This technology supports:

  • All file operations (depending on the specified data source)
  • Virtual network and local folders
  • All types of file locking and custom locking manager
  • Multithreaded data transmission to provide maximal network loading
  • Bounded data transmission (bandwidth)


Virtual disk technology details

This Apriorit technology implements creation of virtual disk with any data source and can be delivered as an integrated and customized part of your solution, or as an SDK.

This technology supports:

  • Dynamic, logical, and physical disks as the data sources
  • Automatic disk ID changing to avoid network collisions
  • Application-assigned virtual disks (a disk is created at the application start and closed after application is closed)
  • Personalized access (by user or application) to the disk
  • Optimized cache for network functioning (when the source is located on another computer).


Working with Apriorit

Apriorit is a professional engineering service provider working with the clients worldwide since 2002. Our project teams are formed from specialists with different competences to perfectly meet your task requirements.

Starting your project with Apriorit you get:

  • Fully legal agreement with a provider with all proper guarantees including financial ones
  • Mature project management processes, team supervision and proper skill selection
  • Access to the Apriorit ready technology and knowledge base
  • Respect of your business priorities within each of our processes and project decision.


Interested in Apriorit file system virtualization technologies? Let us know and we will send you more details!

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