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Building dedicated security solutions is what we specialize in. To provide you with efficient cybersecurity software, we use the best development practices, research security attack vectors and threats, and make sure the security software itself is well-protected.

In over 20 years of working on cybersecurity projects, we have delivered solutions including firewalls, VPNs, user and network activity monitoring software, mobile device management systems, and traffic monitoring tools. We also frequently conduct security audits and penetration testing sessions.


Keeping up with technological changes while staying reliable and secure isn’t easy for financial organizations. They have to protect sensitive data, efficiently manage their assets, and provide fast and convenient services. Introducing new technologies helps them do all of that and more.

At Apriorit, we use cutting-edge technologies to successfully deliver solutions in numerous fields of finance and banking. Our experience includes cloud-based accounting solutions, secure smart contracts, private blockchain networks, security audits of financial solutions, DeFi applications, NFTs, and more.


When choosing or building custom software, healthcare organizations must comply with HIPAA, NHS regulations, the Data Privacy Act, and other laws, standards, and regulations. They also need ways to improve the productivity of medical staff and provide quality services to more patients.

Recognizing these needs, we pay special attention to data protection and anonymity, intuitive user interfaces, and reliable performance in our healthcare-related projects. We have already built systems for cloud-based EHR management, AI-based cancer diagnosis, mobile device management, and more based on these principles.


A modern vehicle is governed by more lines of code than the average aircraft. A car’s ability to drive safely, assess its condition, recognize objects on the road, and report issues to the driver depend on the quality of the software.

To ensure the required level of quality and safety, we provide automotive companies with top-notch embedded software, thorough security testing, and cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain. Our recent automotive projects include a toll road payment automation system and blockchain-based car-sharing that turn simple vehicles into parts of a bigger system.


Telecom companies need to compete with numerous means of communication, withstand ever-growing loads, and keep the cost of their services affordable at the same time.

Our tech expertise can help you overcome these challenges. Leverage our skills in building scalable and flexible cloud-based infrastructure, IoT devices with custom firmware, CRM solutions tailored for telecom, and AI-based response systems.

More industries we serve


Pay only for the strictly defined scope of work and get the results you expect by the agreed deadline.

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Human Resources

We build IT solutions that help HR employees automate many routine activities, eliminate human errors, and focus on working with people.

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Retail & E-commerce

Companies in the retail and e-commerce industry can benefit from our skills in data protection, web application development, and warehouse management.

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Real Estate

Managing multiple properties is a challenging task that becomes much easier with a cloud-based system like the one we developed for our client.

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Travel & Hospitality

With the world reopening after the pandemic, hospitality companies can quickly restart and scale their services by leveraging our expertise in developing cutting-edge IT solutions.

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Transportation & Logistics

The ever-growing number of shipments can only be tracked and managed with the types of data management, IoT, and blockchain solutions we build.

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Supply Chain

Apriorit specialists created a pilot blockchain-based network called FiberChain to help companies process payments, control and trace items, and manage data.

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We can help educational companies go digital and revolutionize their services with automation, virtual tutors, AI-based training, and content management.

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Media & Entertainment

Modern entertainment heavily relies on specific devices and technologies. Entertainment companies can leverage our skills in driver and embedded development as well as video processing

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The knowledge and skills we’ve accumulated over the years help us understand these industries. But we don’t limit ourselves to working with what we already know.

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Why work with us?

Unbiased business analysis

  • Fresh look at your business idea and competitors’ products
  • Focus on making your product relevant and competitive
  • Careful requirements elicitation and constant market research

Fitting pricing models

  • Three outsourcing pricing models: dedicated team, time and materials, and fixed price
  • Possibility to combine pricing models to satisfy your project needs

Close attention to cybersecurity

  • Data protection according to NIST SP 800-53, ISO 27001, GDPR, and more
  • Focus on cybersecurity from the very beginning of each project

Project-specific R&D

  • Design of reliable software architectures
  • Discovery of hidden security and performance issues
  • Proof of a project’s technical viability with PoC and MVP
  • Accurate project planning
  • Detailed reports on research results and in-depth analysis of possible improvements

Expert project management

  • Seamless team management with respect to team performance and project deliverables
  • Focus on making your product relevant and competitive
  • Control over project budget, deadlines, and deliverables
  • Efficient management of project resources with respect to industry specifics

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