Apriorit specialists are experienced in working with high volumes of data at various levels and on various systems.

Our teams have experience in developing a multitude of enterprise data management solutions such as continuous data backup, data access management, data protection and data encryption technologies for complicated infrastructures.

Apriorit works with the latest methods and approaches via the engagement with cloud storage management, cloud computing, and virtualization for data management services.

Apriorit Data Management technologies

  • Virtual File System for data access organization and data security
  • Virtual Disk technology
  • File/Folder seamless redirection
  • Advanced file discovery, e-discovery technologies
  • Signature-based file classification
  • Advance manager for file operations
  • Data encryption with application-based on-demand runtime data decryption
  • Custom Network Data Source

Data management services and tasks

Enterprise data lifecycle management processes include various data management challenges - providing data access, ensuring privacy and protection, as well as organizing efficient maintenance procedures. Apriorit specialists have successfully completed projects in each of these areas.

We have ready-to-integrate technologies for secure and customizable data access for complicated, distributed, and heterogeneous infrastructures. For example, we built file system virtualization systems providing data isolation, protection, and access re-organization without physical data system rebuild and duplication.

Apriorit has experienced professionals proficient in data privacy control systems with data access and usage monitoring at all levels. Our portfolio includes several ready-to-integrate data encryption technologies for data-at-rest and data-in-motion protection.

Ready-made technologies adopted by a professional team can significantly save your project money and accelerate schedule times. Apriorit specialists are experienced in many aspects and nuances of data management including a broad range of systems, architectures, and performance requirements.

For more details:

Apriorit Datasheet: Data Management (PDF, 157 KB)

Our Europe-based R&D teams can assist you with your most challenging data management technology tasks. To hire an Apriorit team send us a request for proposal.

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