Apriorit offers an educational technology grant for high school seniors and graduate students in USA, who have been enrolled at a college or university for a computer engineering or computer science program this year. We want to support young people passionate about IT and planning to build their career in this field.


1 Prize: $1000
Application deadline: July 1, 2018


We are glad to announce that we finished the Apriorit Scholarship 2017 application round. We received more than 300 applications from all over the United States and would like to thank you all for participation. The evaluation process included preliminary processing, application shortlisting and subsequent review by the Apriorit board, which included CEO of the company and three leaders of the core engineering departments.

We were evaluating academic achievements of the candidates, their visioning of the future career, global goals they formulate and focus of their current efforts supporting these aspirations. Volunteering was also appreciated.

The Apriorit Scholarship 2017 winner is Taylor Thackaberry from Virginia Tech College of Engineering. Our team was impressed not only by her academic results but also by research and volunteering work she does in the fields of engineering education and environment protection.

 Taylor Thackaberry


Why we do it

Because we are passionate about software engineering! After all, we are geeks working at the job we like, and we want to support other geeks pursuing the same goal.

We started this computer science scholarships program for college freshman and high school seniors because we are as passionate about software engineering as you are. Computer science provides a wonderful opportunity for young talented people to meet together and work on the new and innovative technologies that will make life tomorrow easier for all of us.

If you'd like to learn more about our specialization, please take a look at some knowledge we share:

Apriorit already provides advanced opportunities to study computer science for the students in Ukraine, where our offices are located. Here our professional engineers can work directly with students, sharing practical experience and introducing students to the inner workings of the industry.

Now we decided to launch a program in US giving scholarship for computer science students, in order to give our small share in facilitating the industry that we are a part of in a country where most of our clients operate. Finding money for education is not easy, especially for young people, and this is why many try to find grants to help them pay for tuition. We hope that this scholarship will give a young person passionate about software engineering an opportunity they deserve.

Eligibility requirements:

In order to apply for scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a graduate of a public or accredited private high school
  • Must be a first-year student in a computer engineering or computer science program at a US-based college or university, residing in US
  • Must have a minimum composite SAT score of 1700 or ACT score of 27
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Must be passionate about computer engineering :)

How to apply

Applying for our computer engineering scholarship for students is easy. All you need to do is to fill the application form below.

We request data about you, your education and your career vision. Please note that we DO respect your privacy and handle the data you provided properly (see Privacy Policy below). Also please note that we reserve a right to contact institutions you mention in your application form to verify provided data.

Apply Now

How we review the applications

Our computer science grant for high school students will be awarded based on carefully reviewing each application. We will examine your grades and your essay and select a most pro-active student, confident about the career he or she selected. We welcome the individuals who already tried themselves working on some computer-related projects or studies.


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