Our client is a US-based SaaS vendor that provides a cloud platform for gathering, consolidation, analysis, and presenting data received from user devices.

The product gathers information from monitored mobile devices and desktops using installed agents and provides users with web-based dashboards to track geolocation, online activities, sent and received data, and other details.

Apriorit was hired to support our client's existing solution and gradually improve its performance while aggressively broadening its functionality. For this assignment, we needed to provide adequate support for a growing product audience from both the architectural and technical perspectives.


The client is a Fortune 500 company developing a desktop and application virtualization product. The solution includes backend servers and various connectors providing remote access to the backend from a number of different platforms. Besides OS-specific components, the product also includes a number of general advanced technologies for overall platform management and user experience delivery.

The company works with Apriorit teams for about 8 years.

The client is a big software vendor producing sophisticated enterprise solutions. The company consists of several geographically distributed departments all over the world developing and supporting a number of business software families.

The company works with Apriorit for almost 6 years.

A US-based business management solution vendor is delivering a specialized CRM-like SaaS solution for telecommunication providers. The company decided to make engineering processes more transparent and standardized while saving internal management efforts by contracting a dedicated managed team specializing in .NET and web development. Quick start, right expertise, and quality code provided by Apriorit team became the keys to the project success.

A US-based company delivering a SaaS platform for HR administrative task management, needed to develop a completely new solution version with new features, subscription types, and other improvements. Apriorit dedicated Web development team, quickly formed by specialists with all required skills, successfully planned and implemented the project.

The Client experienced performance issues in the data center infrastructure causing failures to serve incoming data. While internal research attempts did not give desired results, Apriorit experts built a step-by-step research plan, localized the problem, and provided recommendations that finally resolved all issues.

The Client decided to replace its freelance scheme to cut development and financial risks and improve process manageability. Although initially the outstaffing scheme was on the table, Apriorit managed R&D services proved to be the best option to meet all Client’s needs.

Ambitious development strategy forced the Client to search for additional R&D resource pool with some specific experience in digital security projects. A series of Pilot projects delivered by fixed price model was a perfect option to evaluate Apriorit as a potential partner, to proceed then to the dedicated scheme with minimal risks for both sides.

The Client decided to engage Apriorit expert knowledge for the next product version. Several advanced features were introduced: self-protection modules, universal clipboard protection, multilevel file encryption, etc.