Our client wanted to create an enterprise MDM solution for securely managing Android tablets. The Apriorit team developed a custom MDM solution with enhanced data security and an admin panel for centralized management of all tablets connected to the client’s system. This allowed our client to deliver their services to Android users and maintain the needed level of data security.

Our client is a large US-based provider of property management software who had a monolithic SaaS platform written in Ruby. To attract new customers, optimize platform maintenance costs, and make it easier to implement new features, they decided to improve the platform design and replace their monolithic solution with a flexible solution based on microservices.

Our client is a US-based SaaS vendor that provides a cloud platform for gathering, consolidating, analyzing, and presenting data received from user devices.

The platform collects information from monitored mobile devices and desktops using installed agents and provides users with web-based dashboards to track geolocations, online activities, sent and received data, and other details.

Apriorit was hired to enhance our client’s existing solution by gradually improving its performance while extending its functionality and scalability.

Our client is a cybersecurity services provider offering SaaS solutions for detecting and protecting against known vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits. They wanted to enable delivery of their services via the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP). The Apriorit team researched possible approaches to creating an ICAP server for sanitizing files that our client can use to extend the possibilities of their proxy servers and build such a solution.

Our client is a US-based company that provides cybersecurity solutions for IT companies. While working on a network security analysis solution, they approached us with the task of Windows USB WiFi driver development.

A medical transportation company had previously developed and maintained a customer relationship management (CRM) system with the help of an outsourcing team. When they required developers with deeper expertise, they contacted Apriorit.

Our client is a US-based provider of data backup and recovery solutions for mobile devices and computers. They initially developed software for Windows but then decided to make it cross-platform and develop versions for macOS, iOS, and Android.

Our client is a software provider that has been offering internet protection and parental control solutions for desktop browsers. Given the increasing use of mobile devices by children, our client decided to make a parental control app for Android tablets and smartphones.

Our client is a US-based company delivering a software as a service (SaaS) platform for HR administrative task management. We had previously developed a Microsoft Azure-based SaaS human resource management platform for this client, and they returned when they wanted to enhance the platform with additional reporting functionality, new features, and support for different subscription types.

Our client is a financial services provider. They were launching an international remittance payments project based on blockchain. Before contacting Apriorit, they created an Ethereum-based solution, but it wasn’t fast and flexible enough to meet clients’ needs.


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