A US-based company delivering a SaaS platform for HR administrative task management, needed to develop a completely new solution version with new features, subscription types, and other improvements. Apriorit dedicated Web development team, quickly formed by specialists with all required skills, successfully planned and implemented the project.

The Client

PDR Group is a US-based company with headquarters in Utah that provides a wide range of administrative services regarding employees and human resource management. Company delivers SaaS solutions for managing payrolls and taxes, human resources and benefits, etc. Originally designed for professional consultants, the solution allows to combine and streamline all HR management, reporting, and other related activities.

The Situation

It was announced that a new set of social security forms is to be introduced this year. The company decided to not only develop new required reporting functionality, but also deliver the updated version of the SaaS platform, more sophisticated and feature-rich system with new types of subscription and other improvements.


The general set of requirements for the new system included the following:

  • System should be delivered as a service using Microsoft Azure.
  • System should offer extended functionality and improved performance.
  • System should offer several levels of access for different user groups, allowing both consultants and SMB clients access the cloud platform for work and control.

To develop such SaaS platform from scratch, PDR Group required qualified development team with a lot of knowledge and experience creating ASP. NET solutions. Strong knowledge of popular ASP.NET MVC tools, MS SQL, and understanding of specifics of system deployment in Microsoft Azure were required.

To complete this task, PDR Group decided to outsource SaaS platform development for HR management to a professional R&D service provider. Receiving the positive reference from our existing client, they decided to employ Apriorit dedicated SaaS platform development team.


Shortly after the decision to outsource SaaS platform development to Apriorit was formalized and initial scope discussion was concluded, we provided a dedicated development team with the required set of skills and level of expertise. Our team consisted of 3 developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 business analyst and was managed by a part-time project manager.

The business analyst proved to be an invaluable asset in a communication process between the team and the client's management, serving as a communication link capable of effectively translating business requirements into tech specifications for the team.

The role of the business analyst during this project can be described as follows:

  • Bridging the communication gap between business executives and developers
  • Understanding business requirements and the client's vision of the product
  • Creating a clear set of specifications accurately reflecting client requirements
  • Further developing technical documentation for the project

Clear technical specifications allowed the team to fully understand the task at hand. With this understanding, they were able to successfully complete the required assignment. The main areas of work consisted of:

  • Designing a completely new network-based architecture for a solution
  • Developing a new set of features for better user experience and compliance
  • Developing service with two levels of access: for consultants and for their clients
  • Importing data and migrating clients from the old system to the new one

As a result, our team was capable of developing completely new SaaS system for HR management in accordance with the client's vision and satisfying all technical requirements.

The Impact

Outsourcing SaaS platform development allowed PDR Group to save costs and development time in the long run. Apriorit dedicated development team was able to deliver a complete product on time and within budget, leaving the client satisfied with our work. As the project transitioned from development to support phase, the client decided to keep 1 full-time dedicated developer, part-time QA and part-time business analyst to maintain the system.

The transfer of the data to the new system was completed without issues and successful launch of the new solution marks an important milestone in this project.


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