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Managed R&D Services to Lower Development Risks and Free Management Resources

The Client decided to replace its freelance scheme to cut development and financial risks and improve process manageability. Although initially the outstaffing scheme was on the table, Apriorit managed R&D services proved to be the best option to meet all Client’s needs.

For more details:

Client: (NDA protected name)

Country: USA

Initially the company was using a freelance scheme for some of their projects to cut development costs. Several freelancers were working in different cities of Eastern Europe with the in-house Development Director coordinating their activities.

Due to the extending of project scopes and standardization of corporate development policies, the freelance scheme became unacceptable because of problems like badly controllable process, constantly requiring significant management resource, and lack of financial transparency.

Shortlisting the potential partners, the Client was taking into account provider competences and process organization. Apriorit won the bid with its managed service offer that delivered such benefits:

  • A team with a single point of contact – project manager taking responsibility of the deliverables – requires minimal management resources of the client.
  • All team members are sitting in one place that minimizes communication problems.
  • The client does not have to deal with pay-roll and other organizational tasks – managed services have unified invoice-based billing with a fixed monthly rate.
  • Team work complies with the professional standards of Apriorit extended and modified according to the client’s requirements.
  • Development risks are lower as the team responsibility is not simple making of assigned particular tasks but delivering high-level results timely.

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