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High flexibility without extra expenses

Ensuring a consistent workload for every specialist involved, setting clear requirements, and establishing precise deadlines can be a challenge for some IT projects. In such cases, keeping a full-time team of software engineers and quality assurance professionals will be an unreasonable expense.

Working under the time and materials outsourcing model can help you save your budget and speed up your project’s launch by delegating part of the work to an outsourcing software engineering partner.

Just tell us:

  1. What’s your current task at hand?
  2. Which specialists do you need to accomplish it?
  3. What tools and technologies do you want to use in your project?

We’ll help you get your project going right away.

When to choose the time and materials model

When working with Apriorit, you can choose among three convenient cooperation models:

Fixed price

Pay only for the strictly defined scope of work and get the results you expect by the agreed deadline.

Time and materials

Pay for the time the development team spends working on your project and the resources used for it.

Get a meticulously formed team whose attention is 100% dedicated to your project only.

The following criteria can help you preliminarily evaluate if you should go with the time and material model in software development or consider other options:

Model and CriteriaFixed priceTime and materialsDedicated team
DeadlinesPredefinedFlexibleLong-term defined
Scope of workPredefinedDynamicLong-term defined
Project sizeSmallSmall / MediumMedium / Large
Average project duration6 months or less6 to 12 months1+ years

You can also take into account your project’s technology domain. Some domains that are well-suited for the time and material cooperation model include:

Why choose the time and materials model?

Working under this type of cooperation model brings businesses several benefits:


Flexible workflow

Scale the team, adjust the scope of work, shift deadlines, and pause or terminate development when needed.

Quick start

Start a new project right away, outlining its goal, initial scope of work, and preliminary time estimates.

On-the-go improvements

Enhance your product iteratively after evaluating the ready parts of your software and collecting early user feedback.

Justified payments

Keep your project’s budget transparent and predictable and avoid paying for developers’ idle time.

When to consider other options

While providing tech companies and startups with great flexibility, the time and material software development scheme isn’t a perfect fit for all IT projects. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider other cooperation models:


Small scope of work

Small tasks are usually easy to plan. If the project at hand is small and requires few to no changes along the way, consider choosing the fixed price model.

Well-defined plan

The more clarity you have, the less flexibility you need. Unless there’s a high chance of deviating from your plan during project implementation, consider going with the dedicated team model.

Limited budget

Project flexibility may come at the cost of budget overruns. If your budget has strict limits, consider setting a hard overall project budget or going with the fixed price model.

Not sure if IT outsourcing within the time and material model is the right choice for your project? Let’s figure it out together!

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