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Fixed results for a fixed price

Leave all the development and management hurdles to our team. Enjoy a quality result delivered right on time and within the agreed budget.

All you need to do is:

  1. Define the task you want to solve within your project.
  2. Allocate the budget for this task and approve it with our team.
  3. Set an agreed deadline by which you expect the final result.

We’ll take care of the rest.

When to choose the fixed price model

Apriorit offers you three convenient cooperation models to choose from:

Fixed price

Pay only for the strictly defined scope of work and get the results you expect by the agreed deadline.

Time and materials

Pay for the time the development team spends working on your project and the resources used for it.

Get a meticulously formed team whose attention is 100% dedicated to your project only.

The following criteria can help you preliminarily evaluate which model would suit your project best:

Model and CriteriaFixed priceTime and materialsDedicated team
DeadlinesPredefinedFlexibleLong-term defined
Scope of workPredefinedDynamicLong-term defined
Project sizeSmallSmall / MediumMedium / Large
Average project duration6 months or less6 to 12 months1+ years

You can also take into account your project’s technology domain.
Some domains that can be well-suited for a fixed price outsourcing model include:

Why choose the fixed price model?

Working under this type of cooperation model brings businesses several benefits:


delivery times

All project deadlines are predefined, so you know exactly when to expect the end result.

financial risks

Meeting both project deadlines and the project budget is our responsibility.

No management overhead

Our team will ensure efficient management of the whole project.

Ability to prove partner’s reliability

A fixed price project is a great opportunity to test a new contractor before establishing a long-term collaboration.

When to consider other options

The fixed price cooperation model isn’t a silver bullet for every project. Consider choosing a different outsourcing model if your project needs:


Budget adjustments

This model doesn’t allow for on-the-go changes and adjustments to the project budget.

Schedule adjustments

The final deadlines are agreed in advance and can’t be shifted without changing the current plan.

Scope changes

Slight changes within the agreed scope of work are possible upon agreement, but significant changes can only be made through a new plan with new deadlines and a new budget.

Also, for projects with a high risk of budget overruns, the final cost of a fixed price project might be higher than with other outsourcing pricing models.

Don’t know which model to choose for your project? Contact us to pick the most fitting option!

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