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Data is a critical resource. Organizations deal with extensive amounts of data on a daily basis, and critical data needs to be managed wisely. It should be structured and stored in the right ways and places, protected from unauthorized access and manipulation.

Apriorit provides enterprise data management services so you can efficiently rule your data world. We can help you build enterprise data management solutions to handle all types of data at all levels and on any system in a secure and comfortable way.

Apriorit experts develop enterprise data management systems for:

  • Continuous data backup
  • Data storage governance
  • Data access management
  • Data protection and encryption
  • Sandbox management
  • Transitioning data to the cloud
  • Data management service virtualization
  • And more


An enterprise data management solution should meet a number of requirements: it should have a specific architecture, support certain operating systems, and ensure the required level of performance and data governance. But most importantly, it should solve a specific set of tasks that are critical for an organization.

data management

Plan your architecture

data management

Define supported operating systems

data management

Ensure high-level performance

data management

Govern all data

data management

Solve organization-specific tasks

Data management can be focused on:

  • Finding weak spots in data protection and eliminating them
  • Protecting your system against malware
  • Configuring granular access to different types of data
  • Making big, chaotic data sets structured and free of duplicates

Apriorit developers can build a universal solution for any of these goals and assist you in managing all your enterprise data.


Spend less time to get your project started. Apriorit developers have a set of ready-to-integrate technologies for complicated, distributed, and heterogeneous infrastructures to help you speed up the development process and cut costs.

  • Advanced file discovery and e-discovery
  • Advanced file managers
  • Custom network data sources
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Data encryption with on-demand runtime data decryption
  • Seamless file/folder redirection
  • Data encapsulation with sandboxing
  • Signature-based file classification
  • Remote browsing isolation
  • Virtual disks
  • Virtual file systems

Our data management team works in close cooperation with other Apriorit teams responsible for data processing, virtualization and cloud computing, and security testing. Apriorit developers constantly review and extend their technology stacks and approaches to make sure your solution performs at its best.


The key metric for success was that we were simply unable to complete this project without Apriorit. They helped us build the entire product. The quality of their development work is at the highest level I can imagine. We didn’t find any other team worldwide with the same level of topical skills. Apriorit’s developers are the top experts in their field. Read more »


Founder & CTO, Data Recovery Company

(Extract from the independent review on Clutch.co)


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