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Leverage Apple technologies for your solutions

Unlock the full potential of a new or existing macOS application with our expertise. We emphasize security, efficiency, and native design along with a seamless and standout user experience. Access a thriving ecosystem that values quality and innovation.

At Apriorit, we know how to leverage macOS capabilities for your benefit. Take advantage of our 20+ years of development experience to:

  • Build custom macOS apps
  • Improve existing solutions
  • Migrate Windows and Linux apps to macOS
  • Integrate both custom and native devices into your macOS system

Benefit from full cycle macOS development services

Our seasoned engineers have experience navigating the intricate landscape of macOS app development. We are ready to take on any unique challenges posed by the platform and help you implement your boldest business ideas.

macOS research

Ensure full platform compatibility and advanced functionality with thorough research of undocumented macOS features.

Custom software development

Turn your ideas into robust and secure macOS solutions of any type and complexity, including applications, drivers, and all-level monitoring systems.

Quality assurance

Entrust your product’s quality to our team of QA professionals equipped with extensive knowledge and a cutting-edge testing lab.

Notarization assistance

Entrust the challenging process of notarizing your macOS apps, kernel extensions, and other solutions to our experts. Get an official stamp of approval from Apple and offer your product with confidence and security.


Rely on professional maintenance and support from Apriorit experts to keep your solution reliable, efficient, and up-to-date.

Audits and improvement

Check your existing macOS solution and ensure its security. Our team can help you add new security functionality and make necessary updates for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Have a feature idea in mind?

Contact us to discuss its specifics and discover how we can implement it.

Types of macOS solutions we build

We’re good at developing solutions for non-trivial and complex business tasks

Standalone enterprise management solutions

System kernel extensions and macOS device drivers

Backup and recovery solutions

Audio and video processing solutions

Data Leakage Prevention systems

Network security management



User interfaces and libraries

Tasks we perform:

  • Data collection and management
  • System monitoring
  • Network security
  • Kernel extension conversion
  • Data backups
  • Driver porting to the ARM architecture
  • Library injection
  • Runtime code patching
  • GUI implementation
  • File system filtering and monitoring
  • Audio and video processing
  • Integration with 3rd party cloud drives

Industries we build for

Apriorit’s MacOs development team has hands-on experience in a wide range of industries.

How we approach macOS development projects

Trust us with macOS development and integration. Apriorit offers 20+ years of experience, unique expertise, and a security-first development approach.

Focus on cost-efficiency

Establish an efficient macOS development process that eliminates resource waste and meets your timeline and budget expectations.

Smooth performance

Ensure your macOS app runs smoothly on different platforms in the macOS ecosystem and is fast and responsive for your users.

Full compliance with Apple requirements

Keep your solution compliant with all macOS requirements and guarantee its seamless acceptance by Apple without any concerns

Native interfaces and perfect UX

Focus on creating a seamless user experience thanks to a native interface for your macOS app.

Flawless device and platform compatibility

Fine-tune your application to perform optimally on a range of Mac devices running current or previous macOS versions.

Robust security and code quality

Emphasize security and quality by adhering to strict internal code quality and testing standards.

Key technologies we work with

Each tech stack suggestion we make is based on our wide project experience, macOS development best practices, and your unique business needs. We ensure our toolset is perfectly aligned with your needs and resources.

macOS 13
macOS 12
macOS 11
Big Sur
macOS 10.15

Need to go further back? We work with all older versions of macOS too.

Technologies we work with

Languages we use

  • Swift UI
  • NetworkExtension
  • DriverKit
  • EndpointSecurity
  • Cocoa
  • Xcode

Why choose Apriorit as your macOS development company?

Our macOS application development experts provide a full range of macOS-related services and guarantee that every solution aligns with a flawless experience tailored to your business needs.

Development speed and quality

Transparent workflow and communication

Well-balanced and scalable team

Mature delivery process

Focus on cybersecurity

Three cooperation models to choose from

Our clients’ success stories

What our clients say about us


Why develop a macOS app?

<p>The macOS platform presents endless business opportunities. By building a dedicated macOS app, you can expand your market reach, gain a competitive advantage, and cater to Apple user base. Moreover, you can get access to the full Apple ecosystem and create unique products that leverage advanced technologies developed by Apple.</p>

Access to Mac users will allow you to enhance your brand’s visibility and customer engagement. A macOS app opens new opportunities for generating revenue and monetizing your product.

What you should we take into account when developing a secure macOS application?

When developing a secure macOS application, it’s important to implement:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Robust authentication</li>
<li>Data encryption</li>
<li>Regular security updates</li>
<li>Strict access controls</li>
<li>Thorough code reviews</li>
These practices will allow you to protect your product from vulnerabilities and prevent potential cyberattacks. In its over 20 years of existence, Aproirit has developed secure coding practices and standards to ensure the bullet-proof security of your macOS solutions.

What are the main challenges of macOS development?

Key challenges in macOS development for businesses include:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Requirement for seamless UI/UX consistency across devices</li>
<li>A strict App Store review process</li>
<li>Limits imposed by Apple’s guidelines that may affect certain business and monetization strategies</li>
<li>The need to frequently update macOS applications</li>
All these factors can impact your development timeline and cost. At Apriorit, we consider possible development issues to provide you with realistic estimates and deliver a competitive macOS app.

Can we port our Windows or Linux application to macOS?

Absolutely! Our macOS expert team can help you extend your application’s reach to the macOS platform. Whether you have an existing app on Windows or Linux or are starting fresh, we can assist you in getting a secure macOS application. Apriorit will ensure that your app adheres to Apple’s standards and features the type of sleek user experience that macOS products are famous for.

What should I consider when hiring a macOS development company?

Key things to take into account are:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>The team’s domain expertise</li>
<li>Alignment of macOS application development services with your needs</li>
<li>Experience in projects similar to yours</li>
<li>Clear, detailed, and justified cost and time estimation</li>
Check reviews from previous customers and company ratings on <a href=https://clutch.co/profile/apriorit>Clutch.co</a> and similar platforms. Also, consider the team’s communication skills so you’re always on the same page with your developers and managers. Look for companies with a proactive approach to staying updated on macOS updates and emerging technologies.

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