Software as a Service (SaaS), part of the cloud computing nomenclature, is a popular licensing and delivery model for business applications. SaaS implies complex architecture, high performance, and frequent updates, thus SaaS platform development requires a team of highly skilled engineers with a specific knowledge and expertise set.

At Apriorit, we provide SaaS development services for years and count on a wealth of practical experience creating cloud solutions, including ERP development and CRM application development. We provide our clients with managed teams comprised of software engineers, QA specialists, business analysts, and project managers able to complete any SaaS platform development assignment and convert your vision into a finished commercial product.

Apriorit SaaS development experience

Over the years Apriorit has accumulated valuable practical knowledge on reviewing, optimizing, designing, developing, supporting, and maintaining custom SaaS solutions. Our developers are responsible for ERP and custom CRM development projects, designing system architecture and novel cutting-edge features completely from scratch.

We have taken part in the SaaS development projects involving the following systems:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Human resource management (HRM)
  • Inventory management software
  • Accounting
  • Payroll processing

SaaS development challenges

SaaS software development is different from creating on-premises solutions and as a result comes with its own unique set of challenges. Dealing with multiple projects, we at Apriorit have acquired the necessary knowledge and expertise to manage these challenges and produce results that our clients are very satisfied with.

Platform selections - We have worked with various cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Our experience allows us to build your solution on any selected cloud platform and assist in the selection if need be.

True multitenancy - The majority of SaaS solutions on the market today use multitenant architecture. Multitenancy is a great way to facilitate system scalability and flexibility and allows for cost saving and natural data aggregation which make this architecture the most popular and widespread among cloud providers. There are several models for multitenant sharing, and in Apriorit we can apply all of them.

High performance - High performance is important for any cloud-based multiuser software. We build optimized database structures and provide high quality, optimized code, which allows us to achieve maximum performance.

High availability and redundancy - It is imperative for a cloud service to always be available to the client. Our developers at Apriorit have lots of experience designing systems with high availability and redundancy, fulfilling all the necessary uptime requirements.

Cybersecurity - Data protection is a well-known, hot-button issue for SaaS solutions. However, poor digital security can often be a deciding factor preventing organizations from using cloud services. Our cybersecurity expertise at Apriorit allows us to create secure and well-protected SaaS solutions and we will implement various additional protection measures as needed.

Frequent updates - SaaS is ever-changing, adapting to the needs of its customers. Our proven track record of on-time, within budget delivery allows us to effectively provide frequent updates for our SaaS projects.

We cover full stack of SaaS development tasks

Our in-house experienced project managers supervise every Apriorit dedicated team, saving clients in what would be management resource expenditures. Our business analysts conduct all the necessary requirement formalization and technical writing, and our developers and QA personnel can deliver prototyping, quality assurance, code review and optimization, as well as new feature and system development. This allows us to cover the full set of SaaS solution development tasks for any project.

Our teams are flexible and scalable with the ability to carry out your project quickly, allowing us to provide specialists you need for your ERP software development project within weeks. We provide both part and full-time specialists.

We deliver reliable, high quality results, saving you money and effort in the process.


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