At Apriorit we established our Software Research and Reverse Engineering Group more than 10 years ago for inter-team professional work on projects that required extremely, in-depth research.

At the moment this group consists of experienced, software reverse engineers with well-equipped research labs with ready to use tools specific for this task.

Hire Apriorit software reverse engineers and receive:

  • Undocumented system API research and prototyping (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
  • Closed platform research (iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, etc.)
  • Data format reverse and protocol research
  • 3rd-party application research for compatibility
  • Advanced features feasibility research and prototyping

Apriorit software research service deliverables include detailed research reports with investigated approaches, researched functions/formats interfaces, and working prototypes.

What are legal software reverse engineering services?

Reverse Engineering is the name of a research process aimed to discover the technological, functioning principles of a physical device, object, or software system by analyzing its structure and work. The term was born as an opposite to "engineering" as the process takes an object (software, network protocol, data format) apart to perform detailed analysis.

Currently, software reversing is used in maintenance, malware research, application research for compatibility, or creating a new device or program that has the same or similar function without copying the original.

Software Reverse Engineering is a practice that at one time was considered illegal. In the United States, and many other countries, if an object is protected by trade secrets applying reverse engineering is considered lawful on the condition that the license of the researched object was obtained in a legal way.

Software Reverse Engineering can enable a differentiating business approach, which saves costs and project time and open much broader functional opportunities for your development team.

Apriorit – software research and reverse engineering company

For years our software researchers have been formulating and improving our knowledge base of methods, approaches, typical investigation schemes and tips. Apriorit research experience grows from system security, data protection, and advanced OS management projects.

Below are some samples of the software reverse engineering services that we have provided to our clients:

  • Improved third-party software and firmware compatibility
  • Undocumented feature support, undocumented issue avoidance
  • Easy support and patching of projects with disordered or bad code
  • Quick product adoption of new systems and platforms
  • IP violation discovery

Our culture of tutoring and self-education makes our Software Research and Reverse Engineering Group a strong and independent part of our company, and one that provides our customers with powerful and unique services.

Get a 1-page summary:

Apriorit Datasheet: Software Reverse Engineering (PDF, 160 KB)

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