Why Apriorit?

We get involved with the success of our clients' projects. They are "our" projects in the most enthusiastic meaning of this word. We are proud that due to our dedication, professionalism and atitude, 98% of all our clients continue to work with Apriorit.

As our principal focus are long-term, matually-beneficial relationships with our clients, we work on keeping our R&D processes efficient and business-oriented:

  • We share your project vision and strategy,
  • We always work according to your priorities,
  • We treat each task equally professional, whether it is research or bugfix,
  • We consistently communicate at all stages,
  • We respect your budget and deadlines.

Working on Engineering Excellence

Whether it is .NET development or C driver programming, we guarantee that Apriorit team members have a high level of proficiency, their code is meticulously reviewed, and work quality is regularly assessed.

Apriorit maintains corporate software architecture and coding standards, invests in professional development programs, encourages knowledge sharing, and takes care in providing its teams with the latest development tools and access to modern practices.

Apriorit is proud to be a Microsoft Partner (Gold Application Development), working also with Linux, Mac, and mobile platforms.

Managed teams

Our goal is to integrate our specialists into your business processes to deliver value.

A part-time project manager (PM) works with each and every dedicated Apriorit team. This management activity is delivered free of charge and includes communication, reporting, supervision, scheduling and priority management tasks. A full-time project manager is also optionally available.

Apriorit PMs work via our unique Apriorit delivery process based on Agile methodologies.

Besides the PM, each Apriorit team provides QA activities and can be extended if need be with specialized quality assurance specialists.

Besides research, development, and quality assurance services, Apriorit provides:

technical writing
business analytics
technical customer support
Request for Proposal