Building complex applications with unique features and complex UIs requires lots of effort and native app developers. However, you can create simple apps and mockups quickly and easily thanks to advanced frameworks for cross-platform mobile development.

Every team developing a web application faces the problem of choosing the most suitable technology for their project. It’s easy to get lost in the variety of web frameworks, as new frameworks constantly appear and existing frameworks are updated and transformed beyond recognition.

Shell extensions are a powerful and flexible way to extend Windows Shell capabilities. However, when working with Shell extension handlers you can encounter hidden difficulties.

Attackers never stop searching for vulnerabilities in websites and web applications that they can use to exploit corporate systems or get unauthorized access to sensitive data. This is why it’s vital to know common vulnerabilities of web applications and learn how to secure the weak spots of your sites and apps.

Rushing straight into building a new solution without accurately defining the project’s goal and scope is a bad idea. Skipping this preliminary step may result in developing a product that doesn’t meet all of your client’s needs and expectations.

The microservices architecture has been successfully applied in numerous projects to provide fast deployment, self-contained services, and system integrity. At Apriorit, we work with various microservices implementations. In this guide, we show you how to speed up the connection of gRPC-based microservices to a GraphQL client using code generation tools.

With the active growth of telecommuting this year, organizations are suffering more often than in the past from browser-based attacks targeting remote employees.

Have you ever tried to assemble furniture without instructions? You can have all the components you need and an image of the final product, but the lack of a detailed plan for how to put it all together will make the process slow and overcomplicated. The same goes for developing software without a clear software requirements specification (SRS).

Angular 9, released in February 2020, brought the development community lots of long-awaited features: the default Ivy compiler, bundle and build optimizations, improved bug checking during the build, and more. The Angular development team claims the improvements in this version greatly reduce app bundle sizes and build times.

Traditional approaches are not efficient enough for managing today’s logistics operations. The blockchain offers a promising alternative.


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