Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks are a serious cybersecurity issue, especially in the IoT field where attackers use them to break into networks and intercept data. Both individual users and companies can be vulnerable to such attacks, since we all use lots of network-connected devices.

With the increased demand for remote work due to the pandemic, many businesses have turned their attention to the cloud. According to International Data Corporation, by 2022, around 90% of enterprises worldwide will rely on hybrid clouds. But how can you migrate applications to the cloud in the most efficient and secure way?

As the volume of stored data grows, building the necessary data infrastructure can cost a fortune, and spending is likely to increase in the future. This is why more and more IT companies are abandoning traditional storage in favor of cloud object storage services. According to a forecast (subscription required) by Gartner researchers, the share of Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) leaders that implement at least one hybrid cloud storage capability will increase to 40 percent in 2024, up from 15 percent in 2020.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of video conferencing applications have become extremely popular and successful. Zoom, FreeConference, Microsoft Teams, and other apps have everything an average user needs — and more. But they aren’t good enough for companies that handle sensitive data, use specific equipment for video conferencing, or need low-latency communication.

Establishing robust security for your software is vital. Malicious actors keep using various types of malware and cybersecurity attacks to compromise applications on all platforms. You need to know the most common attacks and find ways to mitigate them.

In terms of software, reverse engineering is the process of researching a program to obtain closed information about how it works and what algorithms it uses. While software reversing can be used for legal purposes, in particular, malware analysis or undocumented system research, it's generally considered to be used by hackers for illegal activities.

Apriorit Research and Reversing team decided to share their professional experience and provide a list of popular simple and advanced techniques you can use to protect your software from illegal reversing. And of course, being ethical hackers, they use this opportunity to flex their muscle and show how an experienced reverser can bypass these protections (including several code samples).

Our reversers note less effective and more effective protection techniques giving some insights about choosing your own set.

Quality assurance (QA) specialists often have to perform a large number of tests on a product in a short amount of time. The active development of test automation today is a direct consequence of the acceleration of testing processes and the need to ensure high product quality under time constraints. How to implement autotests in a project quickly and efficiently?

The terms machine learning and deep learning are often used interchangeably. However, their capabilities and therefore their applications are different.

Today, making a user input an entire address is considered a sign of a poor user experience. That’s why location-based applications need autocomplete services. Place Autocomplete is one such service for web applications that use Google Maps.

The API layer is one of the essential software components of any application. It connects a client to a server, combines microservices, and allows services and products to communicate with each other. This is why it’s crucial to pay attention to API testing when developing a web project.


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