As Bill Gates reportedly said, “If your business isn’t on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” We would add: If your website isn’t fast enough, then you aren’t on the internet.
Every application works with secrets – sensitive data that can only be accessed by a limited number of users, applications, or processes. Common examples of secrets are user credentials and API keys, although a secret can be virtually any sensitive...
Every week, we get news about a massive new data breach or leak of personal information. It makes cybersecurity a top priority for any IT project. Hackers constantly come up with new patterns and tools for attacks. Therefore, it’s important to keep an...
Kubernetes is a useful and comfortable framework for container orchestration. Its flexibility allows developers to implement any logic they need. But creating a Kubernetes network requires constant monitoring of any unwanted changes.
Cloud services provide lots of advantages: they’re cheaper, easier, and faster to use than building your own network from scratch. For example, Amazon Web Services provides cloud computing tools and resources for storing data, creating databases,...
Microsoft Azure is the second most popular cloud platform in the world after Amazon Web Services according to the RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud Report by Flexera. And it keeps gaining in popularity. This makes Microsoft Azure a popular target for...
One of the major parts of the SaaS development life cycle is keeping the software operational and responding promptly to incidents. These incidents could be the result of product component failures or degraded performance. The key to success here is...
DevOps tools help engineers automate actions between the development team and the operations team to reliably create, test, and deploy software. However, choosing the right automation tools for DevOps isn’t easy.
While working on one of our projects, Apriorit experts had to dive into the depths of Kubernetes and learn how to create a new component of it. Our developers acquired a deep understanding of its infrastructure and the logic behind various components....
Docker is useful software that provides containers for pushing web services and applications to standardized development environments. Containers are often used by developers as they’re convenient tools for continuous integration and continuous...

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