Being familiar with data processing technologies, Apriorit specialists offer professional data processing solutions and services to IT companies and software vendors worldwide.

Our research and development teams have the experience and required expertise to provide custom data processing development for your projects. Accumulated best practices, research capabilities, an understanding of data formats as well as a host of implemented technologies allow our company to save your project money and accelerate delivery times.

Apriorit Data Processing Technologies

The Apriorit development team has an extensive data format library for desktop and mobile systems enabling advanced electronic data processing capabilities. Best practices and methods for data acquisition, transmission, protection, and recovery help Apriorit teams to develop custom automatic data processing, data security and inspection solutions.

Take a look at electronic data processing solutions and other data management projects we’ve developed:

  • Raw data acquisition: desktop, mobile
  • Advanced file protection
  • Various database format parsers
  • Various mobile format parsers: user and system data
  • Deleted data recovery SDK
  • Deleted mobile data recovery
  • File/Disk snapshots: making, transmitting, storing, analysis
  • Multithreaded/Improved data transmission technologies
  • Real-time media streaming: development, optimization
  • Terminal session video recording: data flow organization, storage
  • In-built file protection technologies

We have tested best practices to ensure top-shelf performance when working with large amounts of data and “heavy” data types, caches, optimized structures, custom protocols, compression, etc.

Tasks for Advanced Electronic Data Processing Solutions

Modern systems are built around data and data movement from one application or system to another. Data formats vary, but software systems must be able to process common features while maintaining acceptable performance levels.

For Example:

  • Cybersecurity systems must be able to audit all email databases, attachments, chat logs, archives, etc.
  • Mobile synchronization and management applications must work with user and system data (acquire, parse, modify) for all device types and models.
  • Data recovery tools must create, find and restore files from row data.

Systems that work with specific data types such as video, media, or whole disk images must be able to process the data quickly enough to ensure acceptable quality.

In addition, closed, poorly documented, or undocumented formats can narrow supported configuration lists and potentially block the use of some product features. Research and integration of these formats can require significant resources, specific skills, and finally, costs.

For more details:

Apriorit Datasheet: Data Processing Development (PDF, 158 KB)

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