At Apriorit our Network Management Team possesses broad experience and deep understanding of network processes allowing us to develop custom network solutions and adapt existing ones to accurately meet our customer’s requirements in regards to performance, quality, and cybersecurity.

Apriorit specialists use C/C++, C#, and Javascript when developing network management solutions.

Years of experience plus a multitude of completed projects permit us to count on a knowledge base and a set of ready-to-integrate network security and network management technologies which equate to project cost savings and accelerated project schedules for our client base.

Apriorit network management technologies

The Apriorit Network Management Team is comprised of experienced network security specialists. A major part of our network-related projects are focused on enterprise security and data-in-motion protection in conjunction with remote management and network backup technologies as well.

The following are examples of some of the network management solutions developed by our specialists:

  • Remote network monitoring and management
  • Full network activity monitoring (incl. low level details)
  • Custom traffic proxy and custom network firewall
  • Instant messenger firewalls
  • Traffic parsing and analysis
  • Network packet inspection and filtering
  • Bandwidth management
  • Network load balancing
  • Data management for network disks and shared data
  • Distributed data backup, continuous backup from various sources
  • Maintenance task centralization for large systems
  • Programmatic network bridging

Network management tasks and challenges

Secure, reliable, and efficient network interaction and data exchange are key functions for almost any modern software system. Network management is essential for enterprise data management solutions, backup systems, software maintenance and centralized management, team collaboration tools, etc.

Development of managed network solutions requires a strong knowledge of all seven layers as defined by the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, various architectures, and data exchange protocols. However, counting on that understanding is just the first step. It is vital to possess the capability to create customizations at all levels in order to truly satisfy project requirements to their fullest.

Network communication products represent a significant challenge due to the broad understanding required and complex interaction schemes, especially for new and advanced infrastructures where virtualization, terminal servers and cloud computing are present.

Apriorit specialists rely on valid project experience and consistently follow new network technology trends to provide you with professional network management R&D services.

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