Providing advanced R&D services to technology vendors, Apriorit has a range of experience working on various enterprise remote access solutions. From user experience enhancements to Web-based full-functional remote PC management platforms, our expertise in a number of key areas sets us apart.

Our experienced specialists implement different types of remote access technologies for an array of desktop and mobile platforms - Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android.

Apriorit remote access solutions

The Apriorit team draws on deep understanding of operating system functions and network communication. Our professional software architects follow the latest remote access technologies, trends, and best practices.

Here is a list of some remote access technologies the Apriorit team has developed:

  • Data exchange between local and remote file systems
  • Secure remote access to system operations and remote PC management
  • Remote installation and update (incl. in silent mode)
  • Multimedia redirection without loss of quality
  • Redirection by RDP: devices, video/audio streams, audio from sound card
  • USB device sharing over the network and Internet
  • Redirection of local printers and scanners to operate with Windows-based server applications
  • Multi-platform RDP clients
  • Terminal session recording and key logging
  • User desktop personalization

Remote access challenges

Regardless of their geographic location, enterprise resources must be able to collaborate, access shared content, and work with shared applications. Moreover, redirection and remote access solutions applied in complex infrastructure can save maintenance costs, support time, and contribute to business continuity.

Remote users need to interact seamlessly with all the resources they require. Performance cannot be an issue and users should not be limited by location in performing their tasks efficiently. For example, modifying a file on a server and then printing it on a local printer, watching video as streaming media, or getting a customized desktop should be simple and easy with secure remote access technologies.

Providing high quality service and full system functionality is essential regardless of the local or remote platform type, network architecture, or connected devices. Careful remote access service development is not a simple task and often requires protocol customization, specialized process design, and performance optimization.

The Apriorit team has all the required knowledge and skills to develop the remote access and management solutions you need.

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