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Microsoft SQL database optimization is a constant struggle for any project, and this is something that Apriorit tackles often as an R&D outsourcing company. The thing is, when developing an application, initially engineers tend to point all their attention towards actually writing the code, while performance takes the back seat. Often, performance problems are caused by the speed at which the data from the application is received. Some problems can creep past the MVP stage and only became apparent when your solution is fully released to the general public.

This guide will cover certain ways to detect restart or shutdown of the PC, as well as other similar events, such as log off or sleep. We will be handling the OS shutdown event using WinAPI for different types of applications - console, GUI applications, and services. If you’re interested in the general information on Windows process monitoring, you can also check out this article.

In this article you will find a short overview of I/O completion ports (IOCP), as well as a simple C++ implementation of copying folder with files by using I/O requests. We hope that this guide will prove useful for anyone with basic C++ and Windows API experience and will help them learn the basics and certain specifics of WinAPI IOCP programming.

Mac OS X 10.4 saw the introduction of a new kernel subsystem that proves itself very useful when it comes to managing authorization from the kernel. This subsystem is called Kernel Authorization, or Kauth. It can be used to modify any authorization decisions, which proves very useful for creating anti-viruses, and other security software, as well as for general system access when needed. In this article we will show you two examples of using Kauth subsystem – blocking access to certain files and directories, and listening for mounting and unmounting of specific devices. Both examples will involve creating kernel extension that will use Kauth in order to listen for specific events.

Since its introduction over 2 years ago, Swift gathered a lot of feedback, both positive and negative, and quickly established itself as a popular new iOS app programming language, as well as a great tool to write software for various Apple products. There are a lot of reviews on the Internet comparing Swift vs Objective-C and trying to determine the pros and cons of each language.

Software industry is actively growing for many years with new technology startups appearing each day. Besides major changes it brings to the world economy and traditional industries, this rapid and constant growth affects software engineering environment itself and in particular, labor market.

Project management outsourcing, especially on the Information Technology (IT) side, has been a burgeoning industry for some time. External vendors leverage a range of expertise, and for the client having capable engineers and development personnel when creating a new software application or maintaining an existing one is literally worth its weight in gold.

This tutorial provides you with easy to understand steps for a simple file system filter driver development. As a result, obtained demo driver is intended to print names of open files to debug output.

This article would be interesting for developers with basic Windows driver experience as well as C/C++ knowledge. In addition, it could be also useful to people without Windows driver development deep understanding.

Despite the fact that technology itself was available for a while, cloud services are only relatively recently entered our business and daily lives. Cloud boom a couple of years ago saw many companies moving their whole IT infrastructures to the cloud. At the same time, consumer cloud products, such as cloud storages, became very popular. Nowadays, using cloud computing technology is a pre-requisite for many developers who wish to create applications that will stay competitive in the modern market, while at the same time a huge number of IT companies, including some of the largest in the world, make resources of their own datacenters available to the consumer via cloud technology.