Quality assurance (QA) isn’t just about testing separate pieces of software code. It’s about building a product that matches your expectations, meets end users’ needs, and is reliable, secure, and stable all at the same time.

Performance testing helps you get lots of insights like how your software handles high loads and large numbers of users.

The average luxury car contains more lines of code than the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, and F-22 Raptor combined. This amount of code is the engine that pushes the automotive industry forward, but it also exposes it to new vulnerabilities and cyber risks.

Testing is an inevitable part of creating any software product. But manual testing takes a lot of time and effort and may lead to a delayed product release. Automated testing can help you improve the efficiency of your testing efforts and speed up the release of your solution. However, in order to ensure that automated testing really brings the best results, it’s critical to choose the right automated software testing tool.

The Apriorit team always tries to stay on top of the latest industry trends. While blockchain technology is at the peak of popularity, our developers are diving deep into the creation of blockchain-based applications. In this article, we want to share our experience in developing smart contracts for application licensing via blockchain.

Displaying push notifications on a website or in a web application is a great way to interact with users. Push notifications tell users about important events, offer them customized content, and allow them to interact with an application in one click. However, since there’s a wide selection of push notification tools, it may be challenging to choose the right one.

By almost 18 times – that’s how much the size of the artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare market is expected to increase by 2028 according to a report by Grand View Research. Additionally, Intel reports that the adoption of AI technologies nearly doubled [PDF] after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cloud-based quality assurance (QA) is gradually substituting on-premises QA because it helps save time and money on software testing, streamline processes, and provide access to a wide pool of devices. However, cloud-based QA comes with its own unique set of challenges.

When a user shuts down a computer or ends a session, there’s always a risk that an active application won’t save the latest changes or won’t end operations properly. This may result in the loss of users’ data and your spending extra resources to restore it.

Software products are like puzzles: full of dependencies. Every detail is connected to others, and if you change one component, others may no longer fit together.

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