C++ is in our blood and the core competence of Apriorit.

We rely on C-family languages with a focus on software development in C/C++. We work with system-level distributed applications and drivers, where efficient networking and performance optimization are the focus.

Apriorit C++ developer teams consist of highly professional specialists with project experience in system management, data management, OS monitoring and security audit, network security, and virtualization.

We carefully prepare our professionals by regularly investing in their professional and technical development. Apriorit has internal formalized Code Standards and Guidelines and we practice regular code review and experience sharing.

While focusing on software development in C/C++, Apriorit teams also use C# and Objective-C for relevant projects.

C++ programming services for Windows and Linux

Being a primary outsourcing C++ programming company, Apriorit possesses a significant code base and ready technology set.

We rely on our accumulated experience, so when hiring C++ developers at Apriorit you will significantly save time and costs via the benefit of our technology knowledge base, internal-use and published proprietary SDKs for:

  • Driver development
  • File system management
  • System monitoring
  • Database interaction
  • Network data management

C-family programming to work for your projects

C software development

Highly optimized C language is extremely useful for developing low-level and embedded programs. It is also widely used in a Linux environment.

C++ programming

C++ comprises part of the core of a great many Microsoft products - Windows OS to the latest Windows 8 and significant parts of Mac OS\X. This language provides efficient performance, reliability, and code transparency essential for quick and easy development. It is ideal for system-level Windows applications and we use it as our main tool even in the kernel-mode drivers.

C# programming

C# allows us to take advantages of .NET platform. We use this simple, modern language mainly for GUI development and distributed environment solutions.

Programming in Objective-C

When it comes to iOS platform, we use Objective-C, another member of the C family.


Our software development specialists use:

  IDE   Compilers
  Microsoft Visual Studio
  Qt Creator
  Microsoft Visual C

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