Today, making a user input an entire address is considered a sign of a poor user experience. That’s why location-based applications need autocomplete services. Place Autocomplete is one such service for web applications that use Google Maps.
Building complex applications with unique features and complex UIs requires lots of effort and native app developers. However, you can create simple apps and mockups quickly and easily thanks to advanced frameworks for cross-platform mobile development.
Every team developing a web application faces the problem of choosing the most suitable technology for their project. It’s easy to get lost in the variety of web frameworks, as new frameworks constantly appear and existing frameworks are updated and...
Attackers never stop searching for vulnerabilities in websites and web applications that they can use to exploit corporate systems or get unauthorized access to sensitive data. This is why it’s vital to know common vulnerabilities of web applications...
With the active growth of telecommuting this year, organizations are suffering more often than in the past from browser-based attacks targeting remote employees.
Angular 9, released in February 2020, brought the development community lots of long-awaited features: the default Ivy compiler, bundle and build optimizations, improved bug checking during the build, and more. The Angular development team claims the...
Time is money, and innovation can save you both. Businesses around the globe deploy interactive voice response (IVR) systems to create good customer experiences and automate business processes.
The future is already here. Robotic innovations can easily handle difficult tasks and make our lives more comfortable. Even in software development and testing, robots can automate many activities.
No one likes static web pages with zero dynamic elements. Responsiveness along with smooth and flawless performance are characteristics that distinguish a quality web product.
A robust digital solution for data management is a must for healthcare providers. The healthcare industry requires efficient tools to facilitate the workflow of medical staff, secure patients’ information, and provide high-quality services.
Almost 40% of internet traffic is generated by bots according to the Bad Bot Report 2019 by GlobalDots. Bots comment on the news, buy out tickets to popular events, collect emails and scrape private data, and send billions of spam messages. Technologies...
Successful product delivery heavily depends on the software engineering team. However, even teams composed of brilliant engineers can be trapped by an obsession with functional value and get the developed product to the point where delivering new...
The transportation and logistics industries are constantly struggling with challenges like complex competition, changing customer expectations, and leveraging digitalization in order to succeed.
An object-relational mapper (ORM) is an essential part of any project that includes a database. It simplifies the maintenance and processing of data, allowing developers to focus on code. But each ORM framework has its pitfalls that you have to be aware...
Despite all the benefits serverless platforms bring to application developers, the security of serverless applications is still a concern. This is because serverless infrastructure is managed by third-party service providers; developers have limited...
Small projects with stable, fixed data models rarely require significant changes to their databases. However, ensuring proper synchronization between an application’s data model and its database is vital for projects that constantly evolve.
There are many programming languages and frameworks that can be used to build microservices. However, when developing a particular microservices solution, you may discover that not every development tool can meet your needs. Choosing a technology stack...
Every application works with secrets – sensitive data that can only be accessed by a limited number of users, applications, or processes. Common examples of secrets are user credentials and API keys, although a secret can be virtually any sensitive...
A rapid application development framework can give you the power to create the application you need without a single line of code. Though there are many tools for rapid web app development, you need to understand their possibilities and limitations to...
To generate or not to generate? Each developer has a different opinion on generating code at the design stage. We say generate but with the right tool.

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