Being able to control and manipulate system behavior and API calls is a useful skill for any Windows developer. It allows you to investigate internal processes and detect suspicious and malicious code. Previously, we described an easy way to set a...
Backing up information in a secure and timely manner is the number one rule of data protection. In Windows, you can back up data with a minifilter driver. It allows you to restore data after any changes and protects backups from malicious user-mode...
The less code the better, right? Minifilters seem the perfect illustration of this. They can help many Windows developers spend less time writing code and lower the risk of introducing bugs.
Even though 32-bit systems aren’t widely used these days, 32-bit applications haven’t lost their popularity. However, ensuring compatibility when running a 32-bit application on a 64-bit platform can be a challenge. This is where the WOW64 subsystem for...
In one of our previous articles, we considered the basics of Windows driver testing. Our experts explained the Windows device driver testing process. 
In one of our previous posts, we explained how to protect valuable user data with file encryption. Using the file system minifilter approach, we implemented a driver that can encrypt files on the fly and ensure per-process access restrictions.
To generate or not to generate? Each developer has a different opinion on generating code at the design stage. We say generate but with the right tool.
With new devices appearing every day, the Apriorit driver development team always has a tight schedule. Sometimes, default solutions don’t meet a project’s requirements, so our developers have to significantly reconsider existing solutions or even...
Is there a way to shorten the time to market of peripheral devices if their manufacturing is coupled with embedded software development? Our software analyst Artem Kotovsky claims that a QEMU virtual device is the best solution.
The Apriorit network security team always looks for more efficient and productive ways of processing data, monitoring system workflows, and analyzing shellcode to detect suspicious activity. We improve existing approaches and create new ones, trying to...
Developers love field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for their reconfigurability. FPGA technology allows you to program certain functionality into the chip and then update it or even change it completely whenever you need. This technology is widely...
As a security tool, firewalls have proved their effectiveness in protecting networks from malicious actors. Properly configured firewalls can significantly reduce the risk of getting infected with malware or leaking sensitive data.
The Rust programming language was developed by Mozilla with the aim of creating a better tool for developing their browser Mozilla Firefox. However, the language appeared to be so effective, that many programmers are now opting to use it for software...
Rust is becoming more widespread among developers who want to create fast and safe software. Apriorit works with the Rust programming language, and our experience is the basis for this tutorial. This article is the last part of our Rust programming...
Considering the growing popularity of the Rust programming language, we’ve decided to share our experience programming with Rust. Rust is a systems programming language that provides better safety and performance compared to other popular languages.
Created in 2010, Mozilla’s Rust programming language is fast increasing in popularity. Compared to other languages, Rust ensures better performance and improved software security. We’d like to share our knowledge about practical applications of Rust...
Though it’s quite difficult to create a programming language better than C, C++, or Java, Mozilla has managed to develop a language that can ensure better security and privacy on the internet. Rust, which only appeared in 2010, has already become one of...
Almost every company needs a solution for protecting its sensitive data and detecting suspicious activity in real time. Besides, when an incident occurs, companies want to be able to provide digital evidence in the courtroom.
This article describes our enhancements to the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux remote desktop clients. We provide new approaches for improving the user experience in remote sessions.
How we have increased mhook’s performance, enhanced its capabilities and eliminated certain bugs.

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