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Software developers create virtual disks and drivers for them to provide their users and administrators with containers for data. Such containers help to protect, isolate, and manage sensitive pieces of data. But creating virtual device drivers requires...
Top international trading and shipping organizations use drones in their warehouses to lower expenses, improve worker safety, and manage warehouses efficiently. To achieve these benefits, they apply drone management systems.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of video conferencing applications have become extremely popular and successful. Zoom, FreeConference, Microsoft Teams, and other apps have everything an average user needs — and more. But they aren’t good enough...
Establishing robust security for your software is vital. Malicious actors keep using various types of malware and cybersecurity attacks to compromise applications on all platforms. You need to know the most common attacks and find ways to mitigate them.
A bootloader is a small but extremely important piece of software that helps a computer boot an operating system (OS). Creating one is a challenging task even for a skilled low-level developer. That’s why Apriorit driver development experts decided to...
Programming a device driver for Linux requires a deep understanding of the operating system and strong development skills. To help you master this complex domain, Apriorit driver development experts created this tutorial.
Kernel development for embedded systems is like heart surgery: it requires knowledge and experience, attention to details, and the ability to achieve perfection. During development, you have to take into account the specifics of an embedded device and...
Controlling and monitoring traffic is more complicated than you might think. The challenges begin with choosing your technique, as you may face some pitfalls or limitations depending on the Windows version you’re working with.
Backing up information in a secure and timely manner is the number one rule of data protection. In Windows, you can back up data with a minifilter driver. It allows you to restore data after any changes and protects backups from malicious user-mode...
The less code the better, right? Minifilters seem the perfect illustration of this. They can help many Windows developers spend less time writing code and lower the risk of introducing bugs.
The Kerberos protocol is a significant improvement over previous authentication technologies. It uses strong cryptography and third-party ticket authorization to minimize the risk of cybersecurity incidents.
Previously, we explored how to create a simple Linux device driver. Now it’s time to talk about how to create a simple Linux Wi-Fi driver.
Network hooks can be used for multiple tasks: monitoring network activity, proxying, creating firewalls, and even controlling and managing client network traffic on the server side.
In one of our previous articles, we considered the basics of Windows driver testing. Our experts explained the Windows device driver testing process. 
In one of our previous posts, we explained how to protect valuable user data with file encryption. Using the file system minifilter approach, we implemented a driver that can encrypt files on the fly and ensure per-process access restrictions.
Just as you need to pick the right key to open a specific lock, an operating system needs to pick the right driver for a specific device. At Apriorit, we have vast experience developing drivers for all kinds of devices and operating systems. The focus...
With new devices appearing every day, the Apriorit driver development team always has a tight schedule. Sometimes, default solutions don’t meet a project’s requirements, so our developers have to significantly reconsider existing solutions or even...
Apple regularly introduces innovative solutions and improvements to macOS. However, not all improved tools can fully replace their predecessors. This is what happened with kernel extensions and their successors, System Extensions and DriverKit.
Estimating your Linux embedded project is like starting a full renovation of your house: there are just too many things you need to take into account in order to plan everything right. What makes the process even more challenging is that you need to...
How can you verify that your Linux kernel image will boot on real hardware? Booting your image with virtualization technologies can’t provide you with an absolute guarantee that your software will run on metal. However, QEMU and Libvirt give you enough...

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