Linux Code Protection SDK

Linux Anti-debugging SDK

Protect your commercial Linux software from being debugged and reversed with the Apriorit Linux code protection SDK.

Developed by the Apriorit Reverse Engineering group, this software development kit provides a powerful tool to protect Linux applications from reverse engineering. The solution is based on the so-called “nanomites” technique in conjunction with the parent process protection implemented by Debug Blocker.

You can learn more technical details about these basic software protection principles from the white paper.

While the same approach is used in the Armadillo (SoftwarePassport) Windows protector, Apriorit developers created an original algorithm with additional protection layers and implemented it for Linux. You can get more detailed information about the algorithm behind Apriorit Linux anti-debugging SDK from the PDF below.

Being mainly used for anti-debugging, this Linux anti-reversing SDK can be applied for anti-dumping protection.

If you would like to learn more about the Linux anti-hacking protection toolset by Apriorit and how it can be integrated into your software systems contact us today!

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