SoundSniffer for Windows SDK

SoundSniffer – Audio Capture SDK for Windows

Record all system sound, split streams by process, and get all details with this audio capture SDK.

SoundSniffer is a sound capture SDK providing possibilities to record all in and out sound produced in the system for any receiving/sending application or device.

Web browser, Skype, VoIP, media player or microphone – SoundSniffer can log any system sound, supply it with the accompanying metadata surrounding the owner process and destination, export to the external file, and block if required.

This sound recording SDK can be integrated into your security monitoring software, call center control solution, enhanced logging application, etc. You can implement custom processing of intercepted sound packets.

Sound Recorder SDK: Feature Highlights

  • In and out system sound stream recording intercepting all the sound data packets
  • Logging data about the sound stream owner:
    • Owner process PID, name, full path with drive letter, and access token
    • Session ID
    • User security identifier
    • Thread access token
  • Logging information about the sound stream and corresponding device:
    • Name and number of a sound device linked to the sound stream
    • Direction of the sound stream
    • Format of the sound stream
  • Blocking sound streams owned by specified “black listed” processes
  • Writing intercepted sound packets directly into the WAV file

If you would like your developers to test an Apriorit sound capture software development kit, please contact us and we will provide you all the details!

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