Apriorit provides advanced app development services for the most complicated mobile-related assignments, including data and device security, data management, MAM, and MDM projects.

Our Mobile App Development Team has a depth and breadth of experience with all popular platforms and an assortment of devices. By outsourcing mobile app development to Apriorit you hire:

  • iOS experts
  • Android experts
  • Blackberry experts
  • Windows Phone and Garmin GPS experts
Mobindustry - Mobile Apps Besides cybersecurity-related and data management mobile solutions, we can help you to build mobile apps to support business processes or meet the diverse needs of individual users - check out the Mobindustry portfolio.

Apriorit advanced app development experience

Apriorit mobile development experts specialize in the advanced features of mobile platforms, mobile data and app security, mobile data management and mobile virtualization projects.

High quality of the developed solutions is supported by the close cooperation with the Apriorit Software Research and Reverse Engineering Group which provides:

  • Undocumented mobile platform function research
  • Closed mobile data format research
  • Closed mobile data exchange protocol research

Here are several examples of the outsourcing mobile app development projects we have completed:

  • Device cloning and backup
  • Mobile OS virtualization and switching between virtualized instances (Android expertise)
  • Mobile data encryption (Android and iOS expertise)
  • Mobile data secure cloud synchronization (Android and iOS expertise)
  • Deleted mobile data recovery (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian expertise)
  • Acquisition of user data and mobile system data (great variety of platforms)

Ready mobile technologies to save project costs

When looking for an outsourcing partner it is extremely important to choose a mobile app development company with relevant experience. Such projects can require skills and knowledge in different disciplines starting with simple data exchange apps to OS virtualization or complex data acquisition and management.

The Apriorit Mobile App Development Team technology portfolio includes:

  • Mobile data format parsing
  • Mobile data management based on drivers
  • Mobile data protection
  • Cross-platform data exchange and interaction
  • Device data synchronization
  • Mobile device data acquisition at physical and logical levels
  • Mobile app performance optimization

Over the years our professionals have acquired a rich knowledge base of many device types while at the same time our corporate culture encourages mobile developers to follow and pursue the latest trends and new products. As such, our shared experience continuously expands and evolves.

With Network and Corporate Data Security being our specialty, we successfully and safely help our clients to meet mobile development trends such as BYOD, BYOP and BYOT.

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